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Have old furniture restored: Inquiry, cost calculation & offer

Restoration of wooden objects and old furniture hassle-free when working with the Zentralen Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin. Our services are personalized and geared to your individual needs. We follow five simple steps from your inquiry to determining the needs and costs, sending out an offer to the collection of your piece, to the final result.

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have it restored

Have old furniture restored?

Hire ZRW Berlin in 5 steps

You would like to

  • have a damage analysis done on a cherished heirloom and have damage restored?
  • have an art object, wooden object, or an old piece of furniture restored so that it regains its former splendor (e.g. have shellac polish restored)?
  • learn more about a wooden object or a piece of furniture and determine its age, origin, and value?
  • have a high-quality wooden floor, a magnificent wooden ceiling, or other wooden interior elements professionally restored?

Concerning all restoration and conservation measures, your old furniture and wooden objects are in the hands of the experienced certified restorers at ZRW Berlin.

If you would like to commission a restoration, we usually proceed in 5 steps:

Step 1:

Send inquiry

If you want to have old furniture restored or have a scientific examination done, please contact us! We will accept your inquiry by e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, or via our contact form - we are also happy to receive photos that include overall and detailed impressions of your object.

E-Mail: mail@restauratoren.berlin
Phone/WhatsApp: 0151 - 1976 0000

The photographic documentation helps our furniture restorers of the Zentrale Restaurierungswerkstatt Berlin to get a first impression of your restoration needs and the condition of your objects. Our furniture restoration specialists will usually get back to you within a few hours. Therefore, remember to include your contact information in your request.

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Step 2:

Schedule a furniture survey

As part of our callback, we always arrange an on-site survey. After all, photos or descriptions alone are not sufficient to realistically estimate restoration costs. Dipl.-Restaurator (Univ.) Philipp Westebbe, owner of ZRW Berlin, will gladly visit you in Berlin and Brandenburg to personally inspect your furniture or object.

Step 3:

On-site consultation

During the on-site visit in Berlin or Brandenburg,

  • we examine the need for restoration
  • take photos
  • agree on the scope of services in a free of charge consultation

Of course, we will respond to your wishes and advise you on the most appropriate measures. At the end of this consultation, we set a common restoration goal. The visit and the detailed assessment of your furniture are non-binding and completely free of charge.

Step 4:

How much will the restoration cost? Receive a non-binding offer

Within two days after the appointment, you will receive a comprehensive reconstruction concept and a well-founded cost estimate via e-mail, including all estimated work steps, materials, and resulting costs and fees. If you accept our offer, the cost estimate becomes the fixed price, and you will not have to worry about hidden or subsequent fees.

Step 5:

Make an appointment for pick-up or on-site repair

On the agreed date, we pick up your furniture or wooden object from anywhere within Berlin or Brandenburg. In doing so, we guarantee safe transport to our specialist workshop for furniture restoration in Berlin. Smaller pieces and wooden objects can also be transported personally to our central restoration workshop in Berlin if desired. Of course, we can conduct our work on used wood and restoration of wooden room furnishings directly on your premises - for example, on parquet, wooden floors, wall paneling, wooden ceilings, and cultural monuments.

Offers in case of insurance claims

Is your damaged object covered by your household insurance or separate antique insurance? If so, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed offer that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please let us know briefly in advance when contacting us.


Have old furniture repaired:

Costing and quopting for large projects

What applies to restoration inquiries for individual wooden objects and pieces of furniture applies even more to large-scale projects: We will contact you immediately to arrange an appointment for examination at your location. Based on this examination, we develop a customized conservation or restoration concept and prepare a comprehensive, if necessary, long-term calculation.

Our entire team of experienced, passionate wood and furniture restorers at the ZRW Berlin is looking forward to your inquiry and getting to know you personally during an on-site appointment.

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